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Sidelifter Trailer

Sidelifter Trailer

40ft container side lifter trailer for sale in Jamaica can carry both 40 ft container and 20 ft container, which is our most popular container side lifter.
40ft side loader trailer for sale in Jamaica can carry both 40 ft container and 20 ft container, which is our most popular container loader.
Container loader for sale in Jamaica integrates the functions of loading, unloading and transporting containers, which is efficient and reliable.
TITAN sidelifter container trailer for sale integrates the functions of loading, unloading and transporting containers, which is efficient and reliable.
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1. What is Container Side Lifter?

2. What you need to know about design features of container side cabinets?

3. Four Benefits of Using Side Lifter Trailer


1. What is Container Side Lifter?

A container sidelifter is a specialised trailer or semi-trailer used to hoist and transport ISO standard intermodal containers over longer distances.

The container side lifter loads and unloads containers via a pair of hydraulic powered cranes mounted at each end of the trailer chassis. The cranes are designed to lift containers from the ground, from other trailers including rolling stock, from railway wagons and directly from stacks on docks or aboard container ships. A standard sidelifter is also able to stack a container at a two containers' height on the ground. If the sidelifter chassis is of 40' length or more, the cranes of the sidelifter can be shifted hydraulically along the sidelifter chassis to be able to pick up either one 20', one 40', or two 20' ISO containers at a time.

As the side lifter is suitable for travelling on general roads for large distances and able to quickly load and unload without additional equipment, it is often used for delivering and picking up shipping containers from within a commercial district. Although these can self load, they are more often loaded or unloaded at the port with a straddle carrier or reach stacker.


40 Ft Side Lifter Trailer for Sale


2. What you need to know about design features of container side cabinets?

The container side lifter consists of the following functions:

Cranes-also called crane modules. These are hydraulic cranes that can lift cargo/containers from the ground, another trailer, a loading dock, a railway wagon, or any other platform listed above from the top of a container placed on the ground. Can be lifted on the chassis and on the chassis. The crane is usually located on the top of the Sidelifter chassis and can usually move along a chassis that is moved by hydraulic motors or hydraulic cylinders to load containers and cargo of different lengths.

Drive power unit-Generally, cranes are powered by diesel or gasoline engines mounted on trailers. However, it is also possible to power the crane through the PTO shaft of a tractor or trailer.

Stabilize the legs. These are hydraulic outriggers used to lift a fully loaded shipping container while keeping the trailer in place. They prevent the trailer from tilting. The stabilizing feet can be adjusted to help operate on uneven ground and increase safety and load limit margins when stacking containers. When lifting a container in a narrow location (such as a trailer deck), the outriggers can be extended and tilted to provide additional functions.


Details of Sidelifter


Chain. During the lifting operation, chains are installed on the corner castings from the upper part of the crane to the bottom of the container. There is a special connecting device, when placed between 20-foot containers, the user can lock two 20-foot containers together. In this way, the side jacks can haul them like a 40-foot container.

Cab/Tractor. This is used to pull the trailer. In some cases, it is powered by PTO. This accessory also provides compressed air for the brakes in the wheels of the side lifter. Generally, if the side lifter is not connected to the tractor, it cannot be operated. This is so because even if the power pack is carried by the side lifter, the tractor provides much-needed compressed air for the trailer brake and provides extra stability during the lifting operation.

Chassis. The chassis is an important structure. It manages the weight of the loaded cargo/container. Not only that, it also supports cranes.

Remote control. This is a device operated by buttons and joysticks, basically connected by multiple pairs of wires or by radio signals. This allows the driver to move around the container and observe the unit from different angles when performing lifting operations.


20 FT Side Loader Truck


3. Four Benefits of Using Side Lifter Trailer

1.Excellent lifting capacity:

The standard weight of the  side loader trailer self-contained container trailer trailer is 37 tons, and it can also provide full capacity of 45 tons. It gives you the opportunity to make many container moves every day. You can safely transfer the colorant to the ground in minutes. This improves efficiency and productivity. Not many operators and equipment are needed in the lifting operation.


2.Save time and get more value

With the self-loading container trailer trailer, the driver of the trailer can complete the loading and unloading operation of the container by himself within 5 minutes, and then the trailer is on the road again. No need to wait for other heavy lifting equipment.


3. Power take-off or diesel APU:

equips your trailer with a power take-off, which is the best solution for maximum reliability, service and economy. Control the engine throttle size and engine speed to improve work efficiency.


4. Flexible solutions

The sidelifters container trailer for sale can unload the container by himself in just a few minutes, without the need for additional personnel or equipment. This makes your operations cost effective. The most important thing to note is the telescopic chassis of the side lift, also known as the trombone chassis. This type of chassis allows the device to shrink and expand, providing the space needed to accommodate a 20ft, 40ft or 45ft container.

It can handle container movements on any type of terrain and can be transported on low cost dry cargo terminals. It can safely handle fragile, valuable and dangerous cargo.



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