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Removable Gooseneck Trailer

Removable Gooseneck Trailer

Detachable lowboy trailer for sale in Jamaica for transport excavator and construction equipment, large machinery transportation.
To meet your transport needs and your local regulations, Jamaica Trailers can customize different configuration hydraulic lowboy removable gooseneck trailer for you.
The maximum weight for this front loading trailer is 80 tons, and load depending on the number of axles required.
Load king folding neck lowboy gooseneck trailer for sale in Jamaica makes you move construction machines easily even without crane’s lifting.
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1: What is a removable gooseneck trailer?

2. Features of removable gooseneck trailer

3. Shipping and Package of removable gooseneck trailer


1: What is a removable gooseneck trailer?

Removable gooseneck trailer has many different names in different countries around the world, such as detachable gooseneck trailer, hydraulic low bed trailer, front loading trailer.

The removable gooseneck trailer uses a concave beam type. Removable gooseneck lowboy trailer can separate the gooseneck from the trailer, and achieve contact between the front end of the vehicle and the ground. After the cargo or equipment is loaded, the removable gooseneck trailer is restored to the original transportation state in time for transportation.

Loading method for gooseneck trailer: cargo is loaded from the front. Removable gooseneck cargo table is very low, so the stability and security are very good. As you can see, the gooseneck lowboy trailers for sale can transport ultra-high and medium sized equipment and machine.


Removable Gooseneck Trailer | Folding Neck Lowboy Trailer for Sale in Jamaica

4 Axle Removable Gooseneck Trailer for Sale in Jamaica


2. Features of removable gooseneck trailer

1. Strong carrying capacity

TITAN removable gooseneck lowboy trailer main beam of TITAN is made of HG60 high-strength structural steel. The yield strength of HG60 steel is ≥ 620MPa, which is more durable and stronger than ordinary steel. Its bearing capacity is 5 times of that of Q345 steel trailer. TITAN lowboy gooseneck trailer for sale adopts reinforced the gooseneck and upper and lower plate by double layer.


2. Low center of gravity and good stability

Due to the low ground clearance and low longitudinal beam height of gooseneck trailer for sale, the load-bearing surface is 300-400mm lower than that of the normal concave-center removable gooseneck trailer for sale, thereby effectively reducing the height of the center of gravity of the loaded goods and improving the stability during transportation.

TITAN removable gooseneck trailer for sale bottom plate, Other suppliers usually use 3 or 4 mm bottom plate, But TITAN removable gooseneck trailer adopt 5 mm thick bottom plate, It’s more durable and won’t be deformed.


Removable Gooseneck Trailer | Folding Neck Lowboy Trailer for Sale in Jamaica

Details of 3 Axle Removable Gooseneck Trailer in Jamaica


3. The effective length of the cargo bed is long

Because this type of model eliminates the rear ladder, the bearing surface can be lengthened, and because the construction machinery does not go from the rear, the slope angle in front of the bridge can be appropriately increased, so that the bearing surface can be lengthened. The length of the low flat cargo table with a ladder at the end is longer, which can effectively load more loads, indirectly improve the loading efficiency, and create greater benefits for users.


4. Easy operation

The lifting operation handle of the bearing surface mostly adopts the centralized electric control device, rather than the traditional handle to control the operation, so that the operation interface is more convenient.

TITAN hydraulic system has undergone five major system upgrades in the ten-year production process, and now the hydraulic system has very good stability and stability The customer only needs regular maintenance. It can be used for ten years.


3. Shipping and package of removable gooseneck trailer

TITAN recommends the most suitable and cheapest transportation for customer. 

After technical improvement of the detachable gooseneck trailer, TITAN has developed a container transportation plan for the removable gooseneck trailer. We can load the detachable gooseneck trailer into the container by disassembling the gooseneck and frame, etc.

Shipping removable gooseneck trailer by bulk or frame, frame shipping cost is higher, so bulk shipping is detachable gooseneck trailer is also the most commonly used shipping method. We will spray a thick layer of wax on the trailer to reduce the damage caused by seawater erosion of the lowbed trailer during transportation. After the trailer is sprayed with wax, we will wrap the body with rain cloth, which is also to reduce the erosion of the semi trailer by seawater during transportation.




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