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CIMC Trailers

CIMC intermodal chassis for sale in Jamaica is a specialized type of trailer designed to carry shipping containers.
CIMC also increases the carrying capacity of the flatbed semi trailer. Every CIMC tri axle trailer will equip 12 sets of container locks.
CIMC adopts advanced submerged arc welding technique to produce the 3 axle fence trailer, there is no welding interface between middle, bottom and upper plate of the main beam.
CIMC aluminum tanker trailer uses aluminum alloy to produce the CIMC tanker trailer, the thickness of the tank body is 5.2 mm,and the front and back shell is 7 mm thick.
CIMC end dump trailer for sale adopts high strength steel to make it durable when loading the sand or small stones or rocks.
CIMC 3 axle 40 ft flatbed trailer for sale in Jamaica is the hotest model for sale in Africa.
Due to their open design, CIMC 40 foot flatbed trailer for sale in Jamaica offer versatility in terms of the types of cargo they can transport.
CIMC chassis for sale in Jamaica is commonly used for transporting cargo over long distances via shipping ports, railroads, and highways, combine both safe and rapid container handling.
CIMC Container chassis trailer in Jamaica is used to transport containers, and container chassis trailers have different shapes and sizes. CIMC Vehicles can be customized to 20/40/45/53 feet.
Tri axle chassis intermodal trailers can be used repeatedly for a long time, with sufficient strength.
CIMC side wall trailer is mainly used for long-distance transportation of heavy and bulk cargo. We also call it truck or side wall trailer.
CIMC tri axle stake trailer is designed with detachable side walls and a bulkhead in front to protect the cargo inside. It is widely used to haul general cargo, livestock and other bulk items.
The CIMC 60 ton sidewall semi trailer is made of high-strength steel Q345. The sidewall trailer for sale is strong enough to carry more. It can be loaded with stone, steel coil, salt bag, steel and other products.
CIMC fuel tanker for sale adopt advanced design concept. We can customized the fuel tanker trailer for you according to your request.
CIMC has the most advanced and most professional bulk cement trailer assembly line, guaranteed all products have a unique and attractive appearance.
Cement bulker is suitable for the transportation of powder dry materials such as fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, aluminum powder and other particles.
CIMC 6 axle dump truck trailer usually used to carry building materials such as sand, stones, ore, and scrap iron.
CIMC produces 40 ton semi trailer tipper is the ideal equipment to transport for carrying sand crush stone rock and salt material.
CIMC provides you the accurate design for tractor tipper trailer to meet your needs for heavy construction work in extreme demand.
The 40ft flatbed trailer is constructed using high-quality steel materials, making it sturdy, durable, and capable of withstanding heavy payloads.
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