What is a Cement Bulker? Price of Cement Bulker in Jamaica

| 2023-06-27

Table of contents

Chapter 1:  What is a cement bulker?

   1.1 What is cement bulker used for?

Chapter 2: What is the price of cement bulker?

   2.1 Features of the cement bulker

Chapter 3: How does cement bulker work?


What is a Cement Bulker? Cement Bulker at Best Price in Jamaica


Chapter 1:  What is a cement bulker?

A cement bulker, also known as a cement trailer or cement tanker, is a specialized transportation vehicle designed to transport bulk cement from the factories or distribution centers to the construction sites. 

These trailers typically have a large cylindrical tank that can hold up to 50 to 120 tons of dry bulk materials such as cement, fly ash, and lime powder. The tank is usually made of steel and has a series of compartments with air compressors and valves that enable the operator to control the discharge of the material.

The cement bulker price uses its own engine to drive the on-board air compressor, and sends compressed air through the pipeline to the air chamber at the bottom of the sealed tank, so that the cement on the fluidized bed is suspended in a fluid state. When the pressure reaches the rated value, the discharge valve is opened, and the fluidized cement is transported through the pipeline for transportation.

Cement bulkers are commonly used in the construction industry to transport cement to various locations for use in concrete production, road construction, and other applications. Overall, cement bulker is an essential component of the construction industry's supply chain, providing an efficient and safe way to transport large quantities of cement over long distances.


What is a Cement Bulker? Cement Bulker at Best Price in Jamaica

Cement Bulkers for Sale in Jamaica


1.1 Why use cement bulker to transport dry bulk cement?

Cement bulker is a specialized vehicle designed for the safe and efficient transportation of dry bulk cement from the manufacturing plant to the construction site. There are several reasons why a cement bulker is preferred for this purpose:

Protection of the cement: Cement bulker is designed with an air-tight tank that keeps the cement dry and protects it from moisture and other contaminants during transportation. This ensures that the quality of the cement remains intact, and it can be used for construction without any degradation in its properties.

Efficient transportation: The use of cement bulker allows for the transportation of large quantities of cement at once, which reduces the number of trips required to transport the same amount of cement using other means of transportation. This results in cost savings and increased efficiency.

Safe transportation: Cement bulker in Jamaica is designed with safety features such as pressure relief valves, emergency shut-off systems, and blowers that prevent the build-up of excess pressure in the tank. This ensures that the cement is transported safely without any risk of accidents or spills.

Versatility: Cement bulker can be easily attached to a truck or trailer, allowing it to be transported to remote locations where there may be limited access to cement supply. This makes it a versatile and convenient option for transporting cement to construction sites.


What is a Cement Bulker? Cement Bulker at Best Price in Jamaica


Chapter 2: What is the price of cement bulker?

The price of a cement bulker can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the size and capacity of the bulker, the manufacturer, and the region in which it is being purchased. Additionally, prices can fluctuate over time due to changes in supply and demand, raw material costs, and economic factors.

The approximate prices of some commonly sold sizes are listed below, please leave a message to inquire about the quote!

2 axle 25cbm cement bulker price: 14300 USD

3 axle 35cbm cement bulker price: 16200 USD

3 axle 43cbm cement bulker price: 16700 USD

3 axle W type 50 cbm cement bulker: 18400 USD

What is a Cement Bulker? Cement Bulker at Best Price in Jamaica

Different Types of Cement Bulker


2.1 Features of the cement bulker

1. Cement bulker in Jamaica is made of T700 super high strength automobile steel. The T700 material has a yield strength of more than 620 MPa and a tensile strength of more than 700 MPa. It is resistant to high pressure and bumps, ensuring that the tank body of the powder tank car is very solid.

2. The tank body of cement bulker uses advanced welding technology. Through single side welding and double-sided forming welding, the weld is more solid and smooth, and there will be no open welding. The tank body can be used for more than ten years.

3. Cement bulker in Jamaica adopts the latest V design, optimizes the internal suction port and the design of discharge pipe. 40 cubic meters of cement can be unloaded in 26 minutes Unloading time increased by 10 minutes.

4. Using Weichai engine, the engine with supercharging power is stronger than other companies on diesel power, which can better drive the air compressor.

5. The best quality 12 cubic air compressor can be selected from fidelity or Bohai brand If you choose other brands of air compressor can be a little cheaper price.

6. Cement bulker in Jamaica adopt polyurethane paint. It’s more bright and firm. The cost of this paint is twice than the normal, but we can guarantee that our paint won't fade in five years.

7. All cement bulker in Jamaica will carry out pressure test and metal flaw detection test after production to ensure good tightness of the tank.


What is a Cement Bulker? Cement Bulker at Best Price in Jamaica

Details of 3 axle Cement Bulker at Best Price in Jamaica


Chapter 3: How does cement bulker work?


Before opening the feeding cover, you must open the pressure relief valve and the inlet pipe ball valve to remove the remaining air in the tank before opening the tank cover to avoid injury.

You should always pay attention to whether the pressure gauge is working properly, to prevent the pressure gauge from malfunctioning and overpressure, and the cement bulker bursting.

Always check the safety valve to ensure that the pressure is released at 0.2Mpa, and the pressure inside the pneumatic trailer's tank must not exceed 0.2Mpa.

Often check whether the operation table is working properly, so as not to overrun and damage the air compressor.

Always listen to the sound of power take-off and air compressor rotation. If there are abnormal sounds, stop troubleshooting immediately.


What is a Cement Bulker? Cement Bulker at Best Price in Jamaica

Cement Bulker in Factory



Before unloading, check whether the unloading disc valve, external air source interface, exhaust valve and two feeding ports are closed and tightened. If they are not tightened, tighten them first to prevent air leakage;

Start the engine and shift the transmission to neutral while pressing the clutch pedal to completely separate the transmission from the engine;

Turn on the power take-off solenoid valve switch, and slowly release the clutch pedal to rotate the air compressor of cement bulker

Adjust the control handle of the control mechanism to adjust the speed of the cement bulker for sale in Jamaica air compressor to about 900r / min and stabilize it;

When the pressure reaches 0.18MPa, first open the auxiliary blow pipe, then open the front and rear bin discharge disc valves to start discharging, after which the pointer of the air compressor will stabilize to a certain value;

When the air pressure drops to 0.04Mpa, the back bin has been unloaded. Close the blower tube, open and close the back bin valve several times, and then close the back bin valve and the back bin intake valve. After which the pressure will rise and stabilize to a certain value;

When the cement bulker pressure of the barometer reaches 0MPa, the discharge is completed, air compressor is closed, and the discharge disc valve is closed.